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This is where you can submit a question for me to answer in my monthly newsletter.

But before you start typing away… let me give you some guidelines.

If you want your question to be answered, it has to be interesting. Most importantly, it has to be relevant to lots of people, not just you.

What kind of questions catch my eye?
JUICY ones!

Such as:
Topical questions – about something in the hiking/climbing world right now.

Training struggles – a concept within my programs that you’re confused about perhaps?

OMG’ situations – is your situation so crazy it’s almost unbelievable?

Inspiring stories  – about how my training has changed your life.

Or something I’ve said that you disagree with… (I’m happy to hear you out)

Although questions like “what hiking shoes do you recommend?” or “I want to start hiking but I don’t know where to start” or anything related to a specific injury that you should probably see a doctor for… are important, they won’t be interesting or informative for others to read. 

So, if you’ve got a compelling question, put it in below …

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