Breath training for cardio

Nov 10, 2022

I want to share something with you that I learned recently, but I wish I learned years ago.

Doing cardio won’t necessarily change the way you breathe.

In the last 6 months I have almost completely stopped running, instead I’ve simply been walking and performing breathing exercises, and the results have been quite dramatic.

I’m no longer experiencing nasal congestion;
I’m breathing 100% nasally when hiking or running;
I have more energy;
I’m sleeping better;
I’m recovering better;
and my body composition has dramatically changed…

I was initially interested in breath training for its benefits at altitude, but I soon realised the benefits went far beyond the high mountains. If you struggle with that sensation of ‘gassing out’ on the uphills, or wheezing and panting just from walking up stairs, or you feel like you should be a lot fitter from all the cardio you do.

Then you need to see this video. I chat with one of the world’s leading experts on breathing, Patrick Mckeown from Oxygen Advantage.

If you feel like your breathing is already good, watch this video and take the BOLT test assessment to make sure.

And hang out until the end of the video where we demonstrate the breath holds that have the potential to help you pre-acclimatise or avoid altitude sickness entirely.

I’ve included a whole section on breathing in the Momentum membership.

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