Breathwork for Hiking Workshop

Discover how to harness the power of your breath to transform your hiking experience & put you back in control of your mind & body.

If you sometimes find yourself out of breath when hiking, and you want to make some simple changes that will allow you to sink into the present moment when you are out in the mountains then this is for you.

Join me for this special online workshop with my good friend, running partner and certified breathwork coach Björn Stubner.

What you’ll learn

Scientist backed Tests: Tests to determine the root cause of your problem, whether it’s your training, your breathing technique, or a breathing dysfunction.

Ancient Himalayan Breathing Techniques: Learn ancient breathing techniques that can help you remain calm, and perform better at high altitudes.

Elevated Endurance: Improve your hiking endurance, allowing you to explore longer and more challenging routes with more ease and presence of mind.

Breathwork session with Björn: Experience a short guided breathwork session at the beginning of the workshop. 

Meet Björn Stubner

I am a mental coach and Certified Breathwork Facilitator. My journey led me from the heart of Germany, where I found solace and inspiration in the mountains, to becoming a passionate ultra runner. I’ve conquered challenging terrains, including a 111-kilometer run with a 5600-meter altitude gain around the Zugspitze and ultra trail runs in South America at elevations of up to 4,000 meters.

Throughout my mountainous adventures, breathwork became a pivotal aspect of my journey. It wasn’t just a technique; it became my anchor, my constant companion. Breathwork prepared me for the daunting challenges of the mountains and helped me persevere through grueling races. It allowed me to maintain focus, remain present in the moment, and harness my inner strength when my body and mind were tested to their limits.

This transformation wasn’t limited to my athletic pursuits; it extended into my personal life, offering me a sense of balance and resilience that I carry with me daily. Now, I’m dedicated to sharing the transformative power of breath with the world, guiding others on their path of self-discovery and inner strength.



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