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No equipment
30 days
$35 USD

Build your mountain body from the ground up. This is where we strip back all complexity and focus on the elements that matter most to hikers – Daily movement, core, total body strength & mountain specific cardio. 

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Not simply a fitness program, you’ll learn how to train effectively & seek out your weaknesses to explore them. 

"It's weird to talk about 'performance' in what are essentially recreational activities but I truly believe that if we change our perspective and prepare like athletes do, then we have the opportunity to gain so much more from our experiences outside..."

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Move. Naturally


Move your joints through their natural range of motion in your daily movement practice. Eliminate stiffness and fatigue in the short term and reduce the risk of injuries to hips, knees, shoulders and ankles in the long term.

Find your inner strength


Stabilise your mechanical axis to get more control of your movement across different terrain. Gain functional core strength – without a thousand sit ups.

A strong core includes everything between the knees to the shoulders… it’s much more than the six-pack. 

Total body strength


Recruit often forgotten muscles to gain total body strength. so your body can withstand wear, pressure & damage on and off the trail. 

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More progress,
less effort


Strategically build your aerobic base with mountain-specific cardiovascular training.

Do this right and it will not only change the way you train, but the results you get.

Stop scrolling, start training


Follow along videos

In-depth instructional videos with key cues

Progression and regression options

Downloadable Elements Knowledge Guide

Delivered on mobile app for ultimate convenience

Start anytime, self-paced

Ongoing access for lifetime of the program

    ELEMENTS 102

    •  Progress to the next level.

    • Bonus Breathing Module

    • 4 Training Phases



    What equipment do I need?

    None! It was designed from day one to be done at home in 2m x 2m space with absolutely no equipment. 

    How many days am I training?

    I recommend that you perform the daily movement daily (10 minutes) and then typically there is another session either core, aerobic or strength. 

    Ultimately you choose how many sessions you want to do based on your current fitness and goals. There is progression built into the program so at a minimum I recommend you train 3 days a week. 

    How long are the sessions?

    Daily movement – 10 minutes
    Core – 15 minutes
    Strength – approx 30-45 mins (depends on the amount of sets you choose)
    Aerobic – 20 mins + (again depends on what you choose to do).

    How is it delivered?

    On the Chase Mountains app, availabel on the App store & Google Play.

    Purchase on this website.

    Upon purchase, if you have already signed up to the Chase Mountains app, it will be available under training within 10 minutes.

    If you haven’t signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via the purchase confirmation and email.

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