Strength & Mobility training plan for hikers

HIke strong program

Do you ever feel like your body is struggling to keep up with your hiking ambitions?

Are limitations in your flexibility making your hikes seem harder and harder every year?

Even though you’re hiking more, and gaining more experience, things just don’t seem to be getting easier for you.

If this sounds familiar…

You already know that hiking more isn’t the answer to your problem.
The longer you neglect your body’s needs, the worse your situation will become…

Until you reach a point of no return.

If you’re not ready to let your body’s abilities waste away…

If you want to feel limitless in your ability to hike, to be truly independent…

Then don’t wait until the last 4 weeks before your next big hike to start thinking about starting a training program…



I received a Facebook message from a friend back in August 2019.

Her name is Jacinta.

She reached out to me to solve a serious problem that was affecting her knee and her life as a passionate hiker…

(With her permission I’m sharing her story in the hope you can learn more about your own situation…)

Jacinta said…

“Lately my left knee has been getting sore at the 10km mark.”

So I sent her 3 or 4 of the most potent and effective exercises that I thought could help her out in her situation.

I was confident that what Jacinta was experiencing was some kind of musculoskeletal imbalance that I was sure we could make some progress with a simple and time tested approach.

However, there was a big problem…


The problem was TIME.

Jacinta only had 6 weeks before she flew down to Patagonia to start her Torres Del Paine trek.

Now, luckily, these exercises paid off for Jacinta and she got through her entire trek in Patagonia, but not without incident, as you can see.

So whilst we made some progress with just 3-4 exercises, I started to wonder about the potential for an entire program based on this simple approach of



And that’s how Hike Strong was born.

Since releasing this program (and others) I’ve had a lot of success using this simple formula in just 8 weeks of focused effort – it has the potential to transform your body.

And whilst I’m still happy to provide some exercise recommendations to those in need at the last minute, it’s not my preference, and it’s not the optimal approach.

It’s clear that waiting until the final moments to start considering your body’s needs is not a smart way to go.

So if you have a trip coming up, don’t wait until the last minute to start your preparation.

Since helping Jacinta and countless thousands of others with their bodies, I’ve learned a great deal about what hikers need to stay strong and injury free.

In 2020 I simplified all of this information and released Hike Strong as an 8 week strength PDF program.

Now, in 2023, Hike Strong is available in my own app, making it even easier to follow.

But it’s not just about that formula of mobilise, strengthen, stabilise…

It’s also about making it enjoyable and doable for beginners

Hike Strong allows you to progress and develop at your own pace…

Without the pressure of a limited time program.

It’s a way to learn about your own body…

to start discovering your potential.


Check out some of the other success stories from Hike Strong

Hi Chase,
So I just finished the GR11 and guess what: No injuries and hardly any pain in whatever part of the body during the whole trail! After having had ankle issues for the last 15 years, to me this is a huge progress. I just wanted to say thank you so much for having helped me make this a wonderful experience, thanks to the Hike Strong workout program, your videos about warmup and cooldown on trail and also on motivational topics. I really appreciate what you do and I wanted to let you know that you really helped and motivated me a lot – Martina S

Hi Chase,
I wanted to thank you for your online courses and YouTube videos. I did Hike Strong last spring after back surgery and was able to hike a long distance in the Sierras this past summer. Actually, I crushed it as I felt strong, flexible and present. I’m about to complete the Mountain Proof Knees course and would like to start your new strength and conditioning program as soon as it comes out. Any idea when that might be? Planning on another thru hike and at 65 need effective training. You are my magic bullet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Diane R

Hi Chase,
I just ended a part of the camino frances in Spain, about 400 km. This was my second camino. The first one my knees, back and joints and tendon were hurting ….. so it felt that I was missing something. Before this second time, I did the Elements followed by the hike strong program. I didn’t really go walking a lot, but I focused on the exercises and actually I did those 400 k without any problems, I felt in good shape, feet, knees, hips, back felt great. No troubles at all. 

I did on average 22 k per day with a backpack. So yeah, I do believe the program worked fine for me. Wanted to give this positive feedback. –
Gino V

Each one of these obsessed hikers and countless others have managed to transform their bodies from a place of feeling tight, sore, weak and limited to a place of ease, confidence and capability.

Most importantly, this capability is transferable to the mountains.

It’s likely that you’re already a capable hiker, you already have a fully functioning body…

You just need to learn how to use it!

Hike Strong allows you to get focused on the things that matter.

You won’t waste time learning anythings that’s not specifically related to hiking

Don’t put up with unstable ankles, creaky knees and a painful lower back for your entire hike.

Treat your body by giving it what it CRAVES…


Simple exercises

The freedom to move

Stability & balance



1. You won’t need weights or a gym! – this is a bodyweight program that guides you from beginner through to very advanced bodyweight movements as you progress.

2. It continually sets the bar higher for you, instead of each exercise having just one progression, there are at least 2, sometimes 3 or even 5 progressions that you can work your way through and build serious strength gradually over time.

3. You get access to Hike Strong for as long as you need it. You can repeat and revisit this program as many times as you like.

So you’re at a point of decision.

You can either continue down the trail as you are…

Following the path of least resistance. The easy way.

This will likely result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received – or worse.

On the other hand,

If you want to start each day on the trail with a routine that feeds your body the nourishment it needs…

If you want to feel different to how you feel right now.

Then you’re going to need a different approach.

So what’s the catch?

The catch is, you’re going to have to put in the work to see these results.

But when you finally reach a place of strength & stability.

The trail won’t be your nemesis, the trail becomes your playground.

For me, the feeling of shouldering my backpack with everything I need, and setting out on the trail, knowing that I have the ability to hike for as long as I desire…

Free from joint pain, fatigue or soreness.

This is the ultimate sense of freedom, and I want you to experience that for yourself.

If that sounds like a transformation you need, then start Hike Strong today.

Myself and all the other Hike Strong alumni will be here to support you along the way.

I’ll see you on the summit.




What equipment do I need?

None! It was designed from day one to be done at home in a 2m x 2m space with absolutely no equipment.

How many days am I training?

There are 6 sessions a week.

3 strength sessions (30-45 mins) with the remaining sessions core, mobility or stretch (8-20mins)

Ultimately you can choose how many sessions to perform based on your current level of fitness and goals – there is progression built into the program each week. At a minimum I recommend you train 3 days a week.

How long are the sessions?

The strength sessions are 30-45 minutes.
Core, stretch and mobility sessions are 10 minutes.

How is it delivered?

Hike Strong is delivered on the new Chase Mountains app on the Apple Store & Google Play. Purchase through this website.

If you have already signed up to the app, it will be available for you within 10mins.

If you haven't signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via email.