Pain free hiking is closer than you think.

The Mountain Proof Series

Your feet, ankles, knees and hips don’t need to suffer!

With the right approach you can learn how to strengthen and mobilize your joints in preparation for long days in the mountains.

The Mountain Proof Series focus entirely on building a strong and well connected lower body that can co-ordinate itself well and handle any movement situation your legs are likely to encounter in the mountains. 

Mountain Proof Ankles

Mountain Proof Ankles takes a holistic view of lower limb issues to include feet, knees and toes (FKT sessions) as well as the hips and pelvis (strength & mobility sessions).

  • Strengthen: Build rock-solid ankles and lower legs to withstand the toughest terrains.
  • Increase Mobility: Regain the flexibility needed for precise footwork.
  • Enhance Stability: Improve balance and prevent future injuries.
  • Say Goodbye to Pain: Address common issues in the lower leg that can often come out of nowhere!

Mountain Proof Knees

Mountain Proof Knees is a 12 week strength and mobility program designed to build strong and stable knees that are capable of anything in the mountains.

  • Correct musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances that cause knee pain.
  • Strengthen the muscles that are weak from inactivity
  • Mobilise the tight muscles causing pain and inflammation when hiking.
  • Use 100% of your muscles in your legs and hike for longer without pain.
  • Best for fatigued based knee pain, not chronic injuries.

Mountain Proof Pack

Includes Mountain Proof Ankles & Mountain Proof Knees.

  • Enhance your mind body connection – get the brain to communicate well to the feet, ankles and knees.

  • Build strength in all of the corners of the lower body that are tight and difficult to access and control.

  • Enhance sensory input through the feet while strengthening the foot ankle complex.

  • Evenly distribute weight into the ground by shifting the stress and tension from the hips and knees. 

  • Learn some basic anatomy and find a better way for your body to self organise.


Which program should you do?
If you have a hike coming up soon, are limited in time or know where your weakness is then choose that focus area.

Otherwise, start from the ground up – Mountain Proof Ankles & then Mountain Proof Knees.



I finished all 12 weeks of MPK yesterday, and all I can say is WOW!  I went from having pain just thinking about squats and lunges, to skipping some of the exercises in the first few weeks, to working through the progressions, and now can do all the exercises weighted and pain free The increase in my strength and mobility is remarkable.  I can’t wait for my 300 mile AT section hike this summer.  Thank you, Chase!


Thankyou Chase! Six weeks into the program I strapped on a 20 pound pack and headed to a trail that usually makes my knees scream. No more screaming. This 70yr old grandma is excited for her JMT hike. Whoohoo!


Choose a pathway that works for you.


Mountain Proof Ankles

8 week program
Ongoing Access


Mountain Proof Knees

12 week program
Ongoing Access


Mountain Proof Pack

Mountain Proof Ankles (8 weeks)
Mountain Proof Knees (12 weeks)
Ongoing Access