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Is your body holding you back from experiencing true freedom in the mountains?

  • You're feeling stiff and rigid on the trail
  • You're puffing on the uphills
  • Your movement feels restricted
  • You're more cautious of injuries
  • You're losing confidence on the trail
  • You feel stagnant with your training

If so, Momentum will help you regain functional movement patterns, improve your muscular & aerobic endurance so you can get back to your flow state.

Transform the way you move

You can become more capable and confident in the mountains – it just takes the right movements & guidance.

Momentum is the ultimate training partner for hikers & outdoor athletes. There is something for everyone, whether you want the flexibility to choose your training from a workout library or prefer the structure of a program.

If you want the most up to date routines, a community of like-minded people & the ability to ask Chase questions on a regular basis in his live group Q&A, Momentum is the place to be.

The annual membership is a one time payment giving you access to Momentum for 12 months. The monthly membership is a monthly payment of $35, it is not a contract, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What’s included in your Momentum Membership?

1. Follow-along workout library

Momentum members have over 60+ follow along routines, across 10 categories at their finger tips with more added every month.

2. Momentum Programs

Create more structure with your training with these curated Momentum programs. Follow along routines relevant to your goal or interest area with a schedule. Included for free with your Momentum membership.



Build a regular training practice to improve your balance, mobility and strength. Perfect if you’re stiff and sore, or have been out of training for awhile.

  • Focus on training consistently
  • Develop functional movement patterns
  • Improve mobility, flexibility & core
  • 30mins or less, atleast a few days a week.



Feel better, move better, breathe better. Learn how to use the power of breathe to improve your quality of movement.

  • Improve posture and spinal alignment.
  • Develop a breathwork practice
  • Gain more movement particularly in your spine, reduce joint pain.
  • Improve lifestyle stress & mindset
  • Train for 30-40 mins, most days.



Uplevel your training & reach your optimal level of mountain fitness. Ideal if you’re preparing for a big adventure within 60 days.

  • Focus on building endurance.
  • Be challenged & work in the higher reaches of your capabilities.
  • Improvements in aerobic endurance, respiration at altitude
  • Committed to longer training sessions.

3. Live Q&A with Chase

Do you have questions about your fitness and hiking that you just can’t get an answer for? Are you looking to connect with people who are as dedicated to hiking as you are?

Then you’ll love our fortnightly Live Q&A sessions inside the Momentum Membership. This is your chance to connect with me live and have an in depth discussion about what your limitations are and how you can overcome them!

4. Community Space

An online space where you can meet and spend time with like minded people – learn from each other, inspire, motivate and share your adventures.

Get updates from Chase’s training & trips, contribute to new workouts and content and be part of of a unique community.

Train alongside me

I think part of the reason why many of us love hiking is the way we feel when we’re outside moving our body…it’s the endorphins that come from being out in the fresh air, challenging our mind, being present.

That’s what Momentum membership is all about…

An easy and effective way to help you stay strong and injury free so you can keep hiking & have the best experience when you’re out there.

The annual membership is a one time payment giving you access to Momentum for 12 months. The monthly membership is a monthly payment of $35, it is not a contract, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Momentum is for you if:

  • Want an effective way to get and stay mountain fit for your weekend adventures
  • You've just finished a big hike and want to maintain your fitness
  • Interested in learning new ways to move
  • Like variety & flexibility
  • Want to press play and follow along to a workout
  • Want to stay motivated and build momentum
  • Want to stay pain-free and enjoy life!



Is this for me?

Momentum is for almost everyone!

  • If you want to build or maintain a consistent fitness routine that fits into your lifestyle
  • Have limited time
  • Starting out or getting back on track
  • Struggling with consistency and focus
  • In between trips; or
  • Like to curate your own training based on your goals or focus area.


What equipment do I need?

No equipment is absolutely necessary. Having access to a step or box is ideal.

Optional – rings, weights and foam roller.

How many days am I training?

It is completely up to you.

To build consistency doing some movement everyday is recommended. You can simply start by doing the 5 minute routine every day.

I have included suggested schedules which have 3 main sessions a week.

How long are the sessions?

5 minutes to 40 minutes.

How does the membership work?

Momentum is monthly subscription. You pay $35USD when you join and then that same amount every month you are a member.

There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. To do this go to my account> subscriptions > cancel.

How is it delivered?

On the Chase Mountains app, availabel on the App store & Google Play.

You’ll join and manage your subscription on this website.

Upon purchase, if you have already signed up to the Chase Mountains app, it will be available under training within 10 minutes.

If you haven’t signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via the purchase confirmation and email.

How does the annual membership work?

The annual membership gives you access to Momentum for 12 months & includes 1 x 1:1 call with Chase.

It is a one time payment and will not automatically renew after 12 months.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds on the momentum membership for change of mind. If you have a monthly subscription you can cancel at any time. 

There are no refunds offered with the Momentum Annual membership for change of mind or unused portions. We recommend you book in your 1:1 call with Chase in January, so you can discuss your training options. 

I have a monthly subscription can I change to annual?

Yes! If your January subscription has not been paid yet, cancel your momentum membership and purchase the annual. 

If you have already paid your January subscription or purchased between the 25 Dec – 1 Jan, email us. You can do this via the FAQ in the footer or replying to any of the emails we have sent you.