Work with me 1:1 to
achieve your goal 


Let’s set you up for an adventurous 2023.

What to expect? All the benefits of momentum for 4 months but with a personal touch from me.

If you’re ready to…


Set and achieve a serious goal that will push you to grow

Learn to move better using your own bodyweight

Build more strength, range of motion & athleticism

Feel more energy and drive to get outdoors

Find consistency and routine in your training

Then it’s time to take action & hire the right coach to help you.

    Focus on what matters


    Develop lifestyle habits that make the difference

    Determine what’s important for you
    Choose efficient & effective routines

    Stay on track towards your goal

    Discover your mental & physical potential

    What’s included


    Momentum Membership for 4 months +

    1 to 1 Discovery call with me
    In this call we’ll discuss your upcoming hiking plans and establish what your priorities should be for the coming 4 months of training. I’ll help you establish the goals you should work towards and address any questions you have about the training.

    Personalised schedule
    Based on our discovery call, we’ll agree to a personalised weekly schedule for you to follow. Each day of the week you’ll have 1 or 2 workouts to complete from the suite of workouts in Momentum. You’ll check in with me each week to report on your progress.

    Weekly accountability check in
    Stay in touch and on track to achieve your goal with a weekly check in.
    Each week you’ll be required to report back to me on exactly what you did, what you learned and how you’re progressing.

    Monthly calibration call with me
    Each month we assess and recalibrate your personalised schedule based on your individual needs. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions about your gear, your upcoming trip and your preparation in general. Whatever’s on your mind.

    $1200 for 4 months
    (5 spaces only!)