Mt Kilimanjaro Training Program

Join hundreds of other adventurers who have successfully reached the summit & returned safely by following my Mt Kilimanjaro Training Program.

Thanks so much for your training! Summited yesterday. Just got off the mountain this morning. What an amazing experience!!! Great program. Especially appreciate the videos.

Jesse E

Mt Kilimanjaro

I never felt sore the next day and I felt really well prepared. All of those step ups and calf work were so helpful. Truly I feel that your program had me in the best shape for this kind of trip.


Mt Kilimanjaro

I know what it’s like when you commit to an epic adventure, once the initial excitement settles, the doubt seeps in.

Am I fit enough? How do I prepare? Will I make it?.

There’s a tonne of questionable advice out there for Mt Kilimanjaro – do squats, just hike, run, swim, whatever you have been doing just crank it up a level and the classic “you don’t need to be fit!”… and very few actual training programs that give you a step by step plan to follow.

A plan that doesn’t downplay the difficulty of the hike and adequately prepares you for the challenges ahead.

The Mt Kilimanjaro Training Program will prepare you in two ways. The first, most obvious, is that it will physically prepare you for the hike.

The second, less obvious, is that you’ll develop the mindset needed to reach the summit.

The training will help you develop a deeper understanding of your body, your strengths, your weaknesses, how you manage stress, how your mind works. You’ll be practicing daily how to push through limiting beliefs and be comfortable in the discomfort.

Thanks Chase. Your training really made Kilimanjaro more enjoyable. No cramps, aches and sore muscles like what some of the other guys felt. Your training really made the difference and i would recommend anyone planning on doing a multi day hike to consult with Chase!


Mt Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro breaks all the acclimatisation rules. The short acclimatisation period and hike duration of 5-7 days, increases your risk of altitude sickness, debilitating fatigue and injury. Succumb to one of those and your summit dreams are over…


The Plan

12 week program with 4 training phases
Highly detailed cues for each exercise
Delivered on my app, start anytime.


  • Strengthen your legs, core and lower back for 6-7 hours hiking a day, and 12- 14 hours on the summit day.
  • Activate your core to improve stability, assist in breathing and transfer power from the upper and lower body.
  • Engage and recruit muscle fibres to accelerate your endurance potential.

    Mountain Proof Joints

    • Strengthen and mobilise the key joints that a susceptible to injury – hips, knees, ankles
    • Develop functional movement patterns that will help you conserve energy and reduce fatigue
    • Actively recover with stretches and movements that you can use on the mountain



      • Build an aerobic engine to propel you up the mountain
      • Continuously test and develop your aerobic function
      • Enhance your performance at altitude & make altitude more comfortable. (oxygen management).

        On the trail

        You’ll progressively build up your time gaining hiking experience without the need to have access to mountains. Using what’s available in your local environment (even in the middle of a city) you can prepare for the demands of the trail. 

          Mountain Mindset

          • Placing more demands on your body throughout the program to test you upper limits.
          • Practising your staying power and commitment when you want to skip training or quit.
          • Challenge weeks to give you insight into how you perform when tasked with the same vertical distance as summit day.

            After a month of training I’m definitely stronger and my heart rate dropped during aerobic training. And this is just the beginning!


            Mt Kilimanjaro

            The Mt Kilimanjaro Training Program prepares you over a 12 week period.

            Following a structured program that details exactly what to do and when means you’ll get results without increasing your risk of injury. Your typical week will be 4 training sessions and 1 hiking session with recommended ascent, distance, time and pack weight. 

            • LProfessionally developed 12 week program
            • LSessions that adapt to your current level of fitness, with safe progression
            • LDetailed instructional videos for each exercise
            • LEasy to follow schedule & sessions
            • LHike sessions with ascent & distance
            • L2 x Challenge weeks
            • LRecovery & Taper weeks
            • LDetailed stretch & mobility routines
            • LDelivered on our app, ongoing access

            When I started coaching people for Mt Kilimanjaro over a decade ago, most were just going to the gym doing what they thought might help them or what their trekking provider suggested – walking on the treadmill, maybe go for a run and jumping on the weights machine.

            While the advice from the trekking companies hasn’t seemed to change much, people have realised that surely a hike of this magnitude and altitude would require something more than the typical gym routine.

            The Mt Kilimanjaro program has helped hundreds of people reach the summit and return safely. That’s what it really comes down to – being responsible for yourself and knowing you have the ability to keep yourself safe. That confidence comes from putting in the work and doing the training.

            Outsource the guiding, don’t outsource your life.

            Program FAQ

            Is the Mt Kilimanjaro Program right for me?

            Mt Kilimanjaro Program is for you if:

            • Reaching the Summit of Mt Kilimanjaro is your goal
            • You REALLY want to enjoy every aspect of your trek
            • You’re ready to commit to training 4-5 times a week.
            • You want to feel 100% confident in your ability to reach the summit
            • You have atleast a basic level of cardio fitness and have no acute injuries (hips, knees, ankles).

            What equipment do I need?

            This program is predominantly based on bodyweight movement. Many treks and climbs include high steps so we have recommended a box height of 18-20 inches, but what you use is totally up to you and will make little difference to the overall difficulty of the program because of how the sessions are structured.

            The equipment you’ll need:
            • Gym floor or yoga mat
            • Step or Box 40-50 cm in height (18-20 inches)
            • Backpack (with hip belt for weight support) Filled with food, water and extra weight.
            • A “crowd clicker” for counting step up reps.
            • A stopwatch or timer
            • Luggage scale or bathroom scales
            • Heart rate monitor (optional)

            Some of the exercises recommend dumbbells, this is optional.

            How many days am I training?

            There are 4 main sessions a week, 1 active recovery day (stretch, rollout). After 1 month there will be an added hike session.

            How is it delivered?

            The training is delivered on the Chase Mountains app. (ios and android)

            Purchase on this website and you'll receive download & login instructions via email.

            There is also a web based version if you don't want to use the app.

            I have longer than 12 weeks until my trip

            One option is to join my membership. It has a huge range of follow along routines as well as 2 programs that would be beneficial to do - Align and Attune. The membership is suitable regardless of your current fitness level. It's a monthly subscription so you can cancel once you are ready to start the Mt Kilimanjaro Program... or if you love the follow along routines you could do Ascend in the last 12 weeks instead.

            If you haven't been regularly exercising or are new to training and want more indepth exercise videos you could start with the Elements program. It will ease you into training and help you discover potential areas of weakness i.e mobility, tightness etc. Elements is 4 weeks and you can repeat it for as long as you want before starting the Kilimanjaro program.

            How long do I have access to the program for?

            You'll have access to the program for it's lifetime. i.e ongoing. If we retire the program at any stage you will receive a downloadable copy to keep.