mountain-proof confidence in 90 days or less

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Are you a hiker struggling with…


Breathlessness on the uphill?

Joint pain going down hill?

Fatigue & exhaustion for days after your hikes?

If so, you’re in the right place.

My names Chase Tucker (aka Chase Mountains) and I’ve been coaching hikers and mountaineers in person and online since 2012.

In that time I’ve helped thousands of hikers transcend their limiting beliefs systems about their physical capabilities without spending countless hours grinding away in the gym.

I’ve helped my clients climb twice as high with half their previous effort level in 90 days or less, all while training at home with

simple exercises that require little to no equipment.

In the last 11 years of training hikers, one thing has become very clear to me. Fitness is relative.

Meaning that gym fitness does not necessarily translate to mountains fitness.

So if hiking feels harder than it should be, it’s likely you’ve reached that point where it’s time to get specific.

It’s also clear that for those who have no time to waste, the best approach is one that is personalised and adjusted specifically for them.

So if you have a goal that you want to reach in 2024, then keep reading.

Make 2024 your year of adventure

Applications Now Open

Assessment of skills & experience

Discussion of potential goals

Physical Testing

Daily habits & practises

Complete accountability

Are you feeling…

  • Niggling injuries and joint pain in the knees, feet or hips?
  • Fatigue & breathlessness during your hikes?
  • Overwhelmed by contradicting fitness information?
  • A lack of progress when it comes to your preparation?
  • The time pressure of a looming adventure deadline?

Do your hikes feel like this?…

When you’re hiking steeper trails you struggle to find your flow.

While others zoom past with ease, you’re stopping every 5-10 minutes to catch your breath.

Despite always being ‘relatively fit’, you just can’t seem to get enough air when you’re on steep terrain.

Normally you’re the one leading from the front in life, but somehow hiking is different…

When you finally do catch up to your partner/friends, off they go again, leaving you in the dust!

When you hike downhill your knees feel like they could give way.

Sometimes you slip and fall hard your butt :/

Sigh… “isn’t this supposed to be fun and relaxing?”

Normally you are the person who strives to over achieve, and things generally come easy to you.

You usually have a very positive outlook on life but you’re starting to think that you left it too late to start your ‘outdoorsy’ phase.

You WANT to love hiking, but it feels harder for you than it does for others.

You want hiking to feel effortless, peaceful and enjoyable. (it can!)

If all this resonates with you, just know that you are in the exact person I am best prepared to work with.

I’ve coached hundreds of people out of this situation in less than 90 days…

…and I’ve seen people’s lives completely change when they go into the mountains being well prepared with the right state of mind.

Want to hear their stories?…

2 days later and your body still aches?

 The following days after your hike, your muscles are locked up and it’s tough just to pick the dog up off the floor.

You’d like to be doing some kind of exercise like yoga, free weights or running but you’re STILL sore from hiking!

You’re tried massage guns, foam rolling, magnesium supplements and maybe even ice baths!

But you can’t seem to recover fast enough to stay consistent with your training 🙁

You feel guilty for not exercing, especially when you have such a big adventure coming up.

You wonder how well you’re body is going to cope on a multi day trek, especially when the high altitude kicks in.

The stress of the looming adventure is building, and you wish you could just follow a plan of attack that’s made for you.

When you look up training information online it says you just need to go hiking more or do more squats and lunges!

But you feel like this is just not going to be enough to get you to the fitness level you need.

Maybe you’ve even bought one of my programs but struggled with implementing it?

If so, maybe it’s time for a personalised approach.

How do we do it?

Our ability to turn our clients lives around so rapidly comes with a mindset transformation that is done 1:1 with Chase. The way you view your world is the most important part of all of this equation – without the right mindset, all of the tools, knowledge, ‘hacks’ and information is useless. Having said that, our process is built on the following 3 foundational steps….


No matter how fit you are, if your breathing is poor then your physical & mental performance suffers.

How we approach it:

  • Science-backed breathing tests
  • Simple daily breathing protocols
  • Integrating breathing with movement
  • Hiking and/or running with a focus on the breath

We use the world’s most trusted and science-backed breathing protocols from Oxygen Advantage and combine them with the 5000 year old movement practise of Yoga Asana.


With improved breathing at rest, we teach you how to bring that sense of calm to your breathing on the mountain. We use the breathe as a guide your unique zone of intensity. 

  • Get your targeted heart rate zone
  • Perform 90% of your training in that zone
  • Track key measurements like RHR & HRV
  • Report back to your coach on improvements 
Mountain Proof Ankles


Your feet, knees and hips don’t need to suffer. With the right approach you can learn how to strengthen and mobilize your joints in preparation for long days in the mountains. 

  • Follow along routines to foster daily practise
  • Custom built routines to overcome niggles/pain
  • Build strength quickly with our targeted protocols 
  • Repeat with intention to build muscular endurance 

Is this for me?

If you’ve resonated with what I have written here then there’s a good chance that you’ll excel with my help.

I like to work with people who have a big trip planned in 3-6 months time. This helps with the motivation.

If you don’t have a trip planned then I can make some suggestions based on what level of trip I think would be appropriate.

You don’t have to be an experienced hiker, in fact I tend to work with people who are just getting back into it after a bit of a break.

I’m interested in working with people who are generally well organised and dedicated to their health but are just missing that one final piece of the puzzle.

With some discussion and some testing it’s usually quite easy to determine the underlying issue that’s holding you back.

The first step is to fill out an application, and I’ll usually be in touch within 48 hours to discuss next steps.

Ready to transform?

Will it be easy? Nooope.

The stress and overwhelm you experience before a serious adventure is all part of the process, but without a way to manage that energy and direct it into something more positive, you can find yourself feeling lost.

But I will be there to encourage you when you doubt yourself. I will provide reality checks where necessary and most of all I will keep you accountable to the actions we agree on.

I can help you connect the dots and enrich your own path to a more focused mind, a more athletic physique and more rewarding lifestyle….

My experience with clients has shown me that an adventure into the high mountains can be a transformational experience. One that forces you to leave behind the old and create space for the new.

For me it’s not just about the hike, it’s about the transformation.

If you want more out of hiking and life, then fill out an application.