Live Ultralight Podcast

EP 140 – Unlocking Your Physical Potential For Hiking Pain-Free: Conversations with Chase Mountains

  • Understanding the root cause: unraveling common hiking injuries.
  • Unlocking the body: releasing muscle tone & tension
  • Exploring the link between knee, ankle and foot pain
  • The impact of modern vs minimalist shoes.

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The Hikker Podcast

Episode 56 – Chase Mountains

In this episode, Eoin chats with Chase Tucker, aka, Chase Mountains. Content creator and strength and mobility expert when it comes to the outdoors. Chase is an experienced hiker, backpacker, mountaineer and couples his deep understanding of mobility, strength and rehab with his passion for the outdoors. His unique insight into building strength and fitness to hike further and longer has helped his channel grow to over 194k subscribers.

Gear Priority Podcast

With Justin Outdoors: Why you need to start barefoot training Now.

Dive deep into why barefoot training might be a gamechanger and talk about the best approach to start barefoot training and what not to do so that you can avoid injuries.

Humans of the Trail

Distance Hiker Episode 16 – Becoming more confident in the mountains.

“We go into loads in this episode from Chase’s story, which he really opens up about and how ultimately ties into the out-of-ordinary life he has crafted.

This episode certainly is less about long-distance hiking, and more of a deep dive into somebody, in my opinion, who makes some of the freshest, and most helpful hiking videos, while living a remarkable life.” – Matthew Usherwood