Everest Base Camp Training Program PDF


  • 10 week training program for Everest Base Camp
  • Self paced, start any time.
  • Downloadable PDF – easy to view on your mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Easy to follow schedule, instructional videos, 40 training sessions, 9 different session types.
  • Adapts to your current fitness level.
  • One off payment. Need more information? Head over to Everest Base Camp Training




Example exercise video




Is this program for me?
If you’re doing Everest Base Camp – yes! If you have never trained or it’s been quite some time, we recommend you start with 30 day Trek Starter, which is our pre-training program. It’ll give you a nice gentle warm up to training.

I have more than 10 weeks before my trek
No one has ever returned from a trek saying “I wish I’d trained less!”, the earlier you start the better. We have programs that continue on from this one.

What do I get in the program?
A complete 10 week training plan with a full training schedule, 40 training sessions – strength, endurance, speed play, interval, cardio, cornerstone, hike, stairs. 6 types of recovery sessions, instructional videos, training schedule template, tracking sheet. The fittest you’ve ever been, 100% confidence in your ability to get to Everest Base Camp (and back) and enjoy it, all the knowledge you need about Altitude sickness, gear, staying healthy and injury free in the mountains.