Mountain Proof Ankles

8 week foot and ankle preparation program.


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How do I use this program?
Mountain Proof Ankles can be used as a low volume supplement to follow 2-3 days a week, or as a higher volume program (4-6 days a week) for those who are serious about preventing any lower limb injury.

This won’t take up all your time, if your current issue is mild, you can work through the program and still have time to do your chosen activity (run, hike, climb) for 3-4 days a week – and make massive progress in strength, mobility as you continue your regular outings.


Is this the same as the previous program?
Our original Mountain Proof Ankles program was designed specifically for ankle issues only – and whilst this program helped thousands of hikers with their weak and unstable ankles, we recognised a need to build out a more holistic program that addresses the body as a whole.

This is a completely updated 8 week targeted strength & mobility program that focuses on the lower leg and in particular the feet and ankles.


Is this for you?
With Mountain Proof Ankles, you will:
– Strengthen: Build rock-solid ankles and lower legs to withstand the toughest terrains.
– Increase Mobility: Regain the flexibility needed for precise footwork.
– Enhance Stability: Improve balance and prevent future injuries.
– Say Goodbye to Pain: Address common issues in the lower leg that can often come out of nowhere!
– Unlock Your Full Potential: Reclaim the joy of outdoor adventures and explore further than ever before.


The movements in Mountain Proof Ankles are to be utilised solely as injury prevention. Applying these movements to existing injuries may cause increased swelling, inflammation and a myriad of other undesirable effects. Always consult a relevant practitioner before beginning any exercise program and at the onset of any injury.

By accessing and using the program, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

– The following online product is an educational course. This doesn’t replace any medical or physical therapeutic interventions and is meant for educational purposes only.

-You are responsible for evaluating your own health and wellbeing and determining whether it is appropriate to undertake the recommended exercises or activities in the program.

– By purchasing this program, you acknowledge and are fully aware that you recognize the risks and hazards associated with undertaking the exercises or activities provided as part of the program.

– Chase Mountains Big Mountain Training Pty Ltd can accept no liability for personal injury related to participation of this course.