Mountain Proof Knees


3 month intensive program to build injury proof hips, knees & ankles. Discover your highest priorities, strengthen the muscles that are weak from inactivity & stretch and mobilise the tight muscles causing pain & inflammation when hiking.


Your program is delivered in the ‘Chase Mountains’ app, available on the App store & Google Play.

Purchase through this website.

If you have already signed up to the app, it will be available for you within 10mins.

If you haven’t signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via email.

Extra Info

This program is designed to correct musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances that cause knee pain – so it’s best for people who have fatigued based knee pain rather than chronic knee illnesses.

If you have arthritis, chondromalacia or other conditions that cause knee tissues to degenerate then I recommend consulting a specialist first.

Unfortunately, this program can’t help you grow more cartilage or a new ligament. This program is aimed at the prevention of serious knee injury & strength rebuilding. It is not a cure to an illness or trauma itself.