Mountain Proof Knees

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Crush the downhill with confidence. 3 month intensive program focusing on correcting the weaknesses & imbalances that are making your knees a liability when hiking.


*Price in USD. Best for fatigued based knee pain, not chronic knee illnesses.

Inside Mountain Proof Knees

✔️ Learn about the key muscles that contribute to knee pain & discover which of these muscles are your highest priorities for strengthening, stretching & mobilising.

✔️ Focus on the smaller, tight muscles that have weakened over time. You’ll be doing exercises you’ve likely never seen before, or basic movements you’ll see from a new perspective.

✔️ Wake up & activate the key muscles that are responsible for controlling the hips and the tracking of the knee. This will help spread the load over the joints.

✔️ Move through the program at your own pace & train conveniently via my app.

Is it for you?

This program is designed to correct musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances that cause knee pain – so it’s best for people who have fatigued based knee pain rather than chronic knee illnesses.

If you have arthritis, chondromalacia or other conditions that cause knee tissues to degenerate then I recommend consulting a specialist first.

Unfortunately, this program can’t help you grow more cartilage or a new ligament. This program is aimed at the prevention of serious knee injury & strength rebuilding. It is not a cure to an illness or trauma itself.

As with all Chase Mountains training programs, consult a relevant health practitioner before commencing new exercise.


Your program is delivered in the ‘Chase Mountains’ app, available on the App store & Google Play.

Purchase through this website.

If you have already signed up to the app, it will be available for you within 10mins.

If you haven’t signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via email.


What does the program consist of?

This is not just a list of exercises. It is a system and a structure delivered in my coaching app. Each exercise in the program has a highly detailed and clearly explained video made by me, so you know you’re doing the movement correctly. You can access each session with a tap on your phone or tablet, and swipe through the exercises as you complete them. Work towards the goals I set for you and accumulate more reps and sets as you progress in strength.


How many times a week will I workout?

There is something to do every day of the program. From learning and discovery to core strength and mobility. The program is centred around 4 lower body strength sessions that increase in difficulty throughout the program. I recommend following the program as it is laid out, training strength with high frequency for best results. But I’m sure many people will adopt a lower training volume and that’s absolutely fine.


What equipment do I need?

This is a bodyweight strength program, so the focus is on building a strong lower bodyweight with minimal to no equipment. The only equipment needed in the first 6 weeks of the program is a foam roller, a chair and a wall to lean against. As you become stronger in the second phase, some light weight may be useful, but no equipment is necessary to begin the program.