Uphill Endurance


  • 10 week training program to boost your uphill endurance for a hike, trek or alpine climb
  • Self paced, start any time.
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Easy to follow schedule &  instructional videos.
  • one off payment, price is in USD.



The Uphill Endurance Program is designed to boost your uphill endurance for a hike, trek or alpine climb.

If you do regular strength training sessions this program is the perfect addition to your training. It will add the detailed hiking specific training that you need and provide a structure for your training weeks.

Sessions in this program include stairs, step ups, aerobic running sessions, accessory work and of course, going hiking (with progressive ascent and pack weight targets).

On the successful completion of this program you will have more than sufficient endurance to enjoy your time in the mountains and will have created a buffer of extra energy in the tank should you require it in an emergency.

This type of training will also reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, as well as drastically reduce your chance of being injured along the way.


Is the Uphill Endurance Program for me?
If you are already doing strength training or Personal Training, Uphill Endurance is a necessary addition to training for a hike/trek/climb. If you are not currently doing any strength training I recommend you consider choosing one of our training programs that incorporates strength & endurance sessions such as Trail Explorer, Trail Blazer, Mt Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp.

How long is this training program?
10 weeks