Training Programs

Structured training plans for injury prevention & epic goals

Training Programs

Structured training plans for injury prevention & epic goals

 If you are focused & self motivated our training programs will give you the structure, exercises and knowledge to reach your goals.

Whether you want to focus on specific injury-prevention, build your mountain body from the ground up, commit to developing your strength and endurance or prepare for an epic hike there is a program for you.

Injury-Proof Programs

  • Strengthen
  • Stretch & mobilise
  • Correct imbalances

Foundational Programs

  • Build your body from the ground up
  • Learn how to train effectively
  • Discover areas to improve

Targeted Programs

  • Functional movement
  • Forge mental agility
  • Reach your peak performance

 What’s the difference between the membership & programs?

Momentum Membership

Follow Along Routines

  • Follow along videos
  • Workout library + 3 Momentum Programs
  • 5min - 40 min routines
  • You want flexibility & variety

Training Program

Structured Training Plan

  • In-depth videos for each exercise
  • Progressive overload (reps, sets, variations)
  • 20mins + sessions
  • You are focused & self motivated


I'm preparing for a trip

What programs you choose generally depend on what training you have already been doing and how long until your trip.

The 2 things that are most likely to stop you achieving your goal are injury and lack of endurance. If you have less than 3 months you want to make sure you're moving as optimally as possible & feeling confident in those areas.

If you have more than 3 months you can create a more strategic plan.

The typical journey is:
1. Build a solid base & discover any weaknesses - Elements
(Insert any known area you want to e.g. weak ankles and feet - Mountain Proof Ankles)
2. Strength - Hike Strong
3. Endurance - Uphill Endurance

Cornerstone if you have intermediate-advanced levels of training and ~4 - 6+ months.

If you have 6 -12 weeks and have no injuries and a good level of strength, the Momentum Membership includes a 90-day follow along program - Ascend.

Where should I start?

Elements is our foundational program. You'll explore the main elements that hikers should focus on and discover what area you may want to focus on in your training.

If you want to focus on injury-prevention and have not been doing any training apart from walking and you're experiencing tightness and stiffness in your whole body. You may want to do Elements for 4 weeks and then move on to your injury prevention program.

Should I join the membership or a program?

This really comes down to how you like to train and what your focus is.

Momentum is ideal for you if:

  • Want an easy way to get and stay mountain fit for your weekend adventures or
  • You've just finished a big hike and want to maintain your fitness
  • You want to focus on moving daily
  • Like variety and the flexibility to change things up
  • Want to press play and follow along to a workout
  • Want to stay motivated and build momentum

A training program is ideal for you if:

  • You like to know exactly how to perform each exercise
  • Want regressions and progressions
  • Want to adapt your training to your current level
  • Like to have a structure and plan
  • Want to train like a mountain athlete

Do I need equipment?

No equipment is absolutely necessary.
Having access to a step or box is ideal.
Optional - dumbbells, foam roller, rings for some programs.
See the individual program pages for more details.

How is the training delivered?

On the Chase Mountains app, available on the App store & Google Play.

Programs are purchased via this website and then are automatically uploaded on the app.

If you haven't signed up to the Chase Mountains app before, you will receive instructions via email after you purchase.