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Build your cardiovascular ability & boost your uphill endurance so you can excel in the mountains.  In this program we use the environment and resources you have around you to mimic the demands of the trail. 



With structured endurance-based training and hiking specific training targets, you’ll build serious endurance.

For when it matters


Move your joints through their natural range of motion in your daily movement practice. Eliminate stiffness and fatigue in the short term and reduce the risk of injuries to hips, knees, shoulders and ankles in the long term.

Injury proof strength


Strengthen your legs, core and lower back to help prevent any injuries that can occur when hiking 5-8 hours a day, for multiple days in a row.  

A truly strong core includes everything
between the knees to the shoulders...
it's much more than the six-pack.

Collbató , Catalunya

Train smarter


Strategically build your aerobic base with mountain-specific cardiovascular training.

Do this right and it will not only change the way you train, but the results you get.

The only
way is up


Follow along videos

In-depth instructional videos with key cues

Progression and regression options

Delivered on mobile app for ultimate convenience

Start anytime, self-paced

Ongoing access for lifetime of the program



    What equipment do I need?

    Step or box
    Backpack (filled with bottles of water for extra weight)
    A crowd clicker (to record steps - this is recommend but you can always count)
    A stop watch or timer
    Luggage scale or bathroom scales
    Heart rate monitor (optional)

    How many days am I training?

    3- 4 days a week.

    How long are the sessions?

    From 20 mins. The sessions will get longer as you progress. Hiking is optional, which is more time intensive.

    How is it delivered?

    Uphill Endurance is delivered on the new Chase Mountains app on the Apple Store & Google Play. Purchase through this website.

    If you have already signed up to the app, it will be available for you within 10mins.

    If you haven't signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via email.

    Ordesa Canyon, GR11 Sept2020