Go the Distance

Training for nature’s playground

 Chase Mountains will help you excel in the most challenging
environments with training that transforms the way you move.

Restore natural movement patterns, develop full body strength, build power and endurance and harness the mind-body connection to perform at your best.

The ultimate membership for hikers

Momentum will help you train more consistently & become stronger and more athletic in a way that will have you feeling good on and off the trail.

60+ Follow along routines

11 training categories

3 Momentum programs

Bonus breathing module


Momentum Programs

Three new curated follow-along programs now included in the Momentum Membership.

Attune – Get started, balance the body & tune into intentional movement
Align – Improve your posture, move more freely, breathe effectively
Ascend Prepare your mind & body for a big ascent in 90 days


Mountain Proof Ankles

Your 8 week path to pain free ankles. The completely new and expanded Mountain Proof Ankles program will help you build rock solid ankles & feet to withstand the toughest terrain.

Training Programs

If you are focused & self motivated our training programs will give you the structure, exercises and knowledge to reach your goal.

 What is the difference between the membership & programs?

Momentum Membership

Follow Along Routines

  • Follow along videos
  • Workout library + 3 Momentum Programs
  • 5min - 40 min routines
  • You want flexibility & variety

Training Program

Structured Training Plan

  • In-depth videos for each exercise
  • Progressive overload (reps, sets, variations)
  • 20mins + sessions
  • You are focused & self motivated