Your hiking days
are not over


  • Foam roller (optional)
  • Everyone
  • 3 months
  • 150USD

Starting to feel impending doom before the descent? Stopping every 10 minutes to give your knees a break?

In Mountain Proof Knees we focus on correcting the weaknesses & imbalances that are making your knees a liability. Hike well into your twilight years – pain free.

Karim, GR11 Sept20

The plan.


    Discover your highest priorities, strengthen the muscles that are weak from inactivity & stretch and mobilise the tight muscles causing pain & inflammation when hiking.

    Tune in & discover


    Learn about the key muscles that contribute to knee pain & discover which of these muscles are your highest priorities for strengthening, stretching & mobilising.

    Strengthen the weak


    Rather than strengthening the muscles that are already strong from hiking, we focus on the smaller, tight muscles that have weakened over time. You’ll be doing exercises you’ve likely never seen before, or basic movements you’ll see from a new perspective.

    The standard approach to building leg strength; like squats, lunges & deadlifts only work the muscles that are already dominant.

    Wake up & activate


    Wake up & activate the key muscles that are responsible for controlling the hips and the tracking of the knee. This will help spread the load over the joints.

    Montgri July ’22

    Stretch out


    Stretch and mobilise the tight muscles that often cause pain & inflammation when hiking.

    You’ll be working towards achieving 6 stretch standards. 




    Unlike knee pain.

    Follow along videos

    In-depth instructional videos with key cues

    Progression and regression options

    Delivered on mobile app for ultimate convenience

    Start anytime, self-paced

    Ongoing access for lifetime of the program



      Is this right for me?

      This program is designed to correct musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances that cause knee pain. It best for people who have fatigued based knee pain rather that chronic knee illnesses. 

      If you have arthritis, chondromalacia or other conditions that cause knee tissues to degenerate then I recommend consulting a specialist first. 

      Unfortunately, this program can’t help you grow more cartilage or a new ligament. It’s aimed at reducing the risk of serious knee injury. It is not a cure for illness or trauma itself. 

      What equipment do I need?

      This is a body weight strength program, so the focus is on building a strong lower body with minimal to no equipment.

      The only equipment needed in the first 6 weeks is a foam roller, chair, wall to lean against.

      As you become stronger in the second phase, some light weights may be useful.

      How many days am I training?

      There is something to do every day of the program. From learning and discovery to core strength and mobility.

      The program is centred around 4 lower body strength sessions that increase in difficulty throughout the program. I recommend following the program as it is laid out, training strength with high frequency for best results.

      I’m sure many people will adopt a lower training volume and that’s absolutely fine. 

      How is it delivered?

      On the Chase Mountains app, available on the App store & Google Play.

      Purchase Mountain Proof Knees through this website. 

      Upon purchase, if you have already signed up to the Chase Mountains app, it will be available under training within 10 minutes.

      If you haven’t signed up to the app, you will receive instructions via the purchase confirmation and email.

      How long do I have access?

      Ongoing, for the lifetime of the program. You can repeat the program as many times as you like.

      MPK in action


      I met Karim on the GR11 trail when he was in the midst of some serious knee pain. Most recently, he join me on an adventure in the Austria Alps to the summit of the Sonnsespitze. So, he’s really living proof that if you build strong knees you can take on some (hectic) terrain pain free.

      Ordesa Canyon sept20